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Today's Loathsome Dwight Howard Rumor

As expected, Dwight Howard trade talks have continued, and as expected, the presumed target remains the Lakers, the only team that can offer a center of near Dwight potential.

Although I wouldn't really expect the details of any presumed trade to come into focus for a while, the RUMOR is that this one is a 4 teamer, involving the Nuggets and Sixers, and Iguodala and Pau Gasol would also be changing places. Weirdly enough, Bynum would reportedly end up in Philly and Gasol in ORL. Iguodala would end up in Denver. Reportedly, Aaron Afflalo would end up in ORL and Al Harrington's contract would end up in LA as well.

Obviously its about 30 years from even the possibility of this nightmare being over, and Dwight will be a Magic until he dies, and it's pointless to speculate about who's REALLY going where except to say that these players make some sense to me, except that the Lakers lose Bynum AND Gasol to possibly rent Dwight and end up with Kobe and Steve Nash in a year, which is....pretty old. Nor is Pau Gasol either a franchise centerpiece, an expiring contract, or cheap (19 mil in '13-'14).

It's also not exactly clear why Denver would want to give up young star Aaron Afflalo for aging star Andre Iguodala, even to get rid of Harrington's contract.

For Philly this is a no brainer. With the players they've let go (Lou Williams and Elton Brand for example) it's clear they think they're pretty far from competing. They'd either get to build around Bynum or start over, and either's pretty good.

This article written in my blood.