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Dallas and Cents 9/11/2012

  • Not a link, but just a note: Stick around for some really great stuff from the Mavericks presser yesterday. MMB had two reporters on the scene, neither of whom were me, both of whom may have been Tim Cato if the other one wasn't J-Bowe. Solve THAT, science
  • Another note is that, of course, on this day, we remember all of those whose lives were lost 11 years ago today. We may disagree on many things, politically and athletically, but never that that was an enormous tragedy.
  • Mark Cuban wants you to know that he's not impressed by anyone else. In fairness to Mark, these throw everyone together teams almost never work out like they're supposed to. In fairness to Mark's argument, Dwight Howard and Steve Nash aren't "super over the hill Gary Payton and Karl Malone, in a season the Lakers still might have won if Malone hadn't gotten injured".
  • The Mavericks think O.J. Mayo can be a star, and on that I can't help but agree. Far from a sure thing, and he's not Deron Williams, but he's the most potential in a person that young the Mavs have seen since Dirk Nowitzki. On Cuban's quote that getting Deron Williams wasn't his first choice, we politely note that if Cuban were likely to be pressured by anyone else into anything, it would have been keeping Tyson Chandler.
  • The Mavericks are bringing old friend D.J. Mbenga to training camp. I guess they're interested in his championship experience? The only thing strange about this--my eyes told me that Bernard James would need some D-League seasoning, don't know about yours--is that the Mavericks seem so uninterested in tapping into Brandan Wright's potential. The C rotation would be Kaman-Brand-Mbenga-Wright (or Wright-Mbenga, but still), and the PF rotation would be Dirk-Brand-Wright. So...
  • Although Mark Cuban won't retire Jason Kidd's number for a while, Darren Collison already has. Both are products of the California public school system, Collison from UCLA in 2009, Kidd from UC-Berkely in 1863
  • As predicted here by yours truly, the Mavericks got some of these new guys for keeps.
  • Thanks to ESPN for making the links so easy today! I guess they got back from vacation now that the 'Boys are playing for real.