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Dallas and Cents: 9/12/12

Stories starting to get a little warmer in Mavs-land, not that you're likely to hear much amid the constant buzz of Cowboys hype and Rangers playoff stretch run.

  • The Mavericks introduced a plethora of new faces Monday, and, as Richard Durrett writes, that's nothing new for Rick Carlisle, who says that while familiarizing the new players with the defensive schemes won't be too difficult, on the offensive end "that's where you get into the nuance stuff."
  • As mentioned yesterday, D.J Mbenga is coming back to where it all started here in Dallas, and though there's no guarantee he'll make the team, it gives a great excuse to mention tacos.
  • Eddie Sefko continues his list of free agents Dallas might pursue next July. Josh Smith and Kevin Martin were covered last week, and today he's moved on to cover Monta Ellis and Andre Iguodala. I think Iguodala would be a great addition for the right price, but you can see after the first 3 or 4 names you get into secondary players rather than stars. Still, it's clear there is depth in next year's class.
  • Marc Stein also has this non-news but also definitely non-boring tweet regarding Dallas and a potential target.
  • Of course, with all this attention paid to who might be here next year, we can't forget that Dallas has a team in place right now, and there are promising new faces, like O.J Mayo, who Rick Carlisle said Monday will have no trouble scoring, as well as old familiar ones, like Dirk Nowitzki, who Mark Cuban thinks will come back stronger this season. In both cases, I really, really hope they're right.
  • Although comparisons are inevitable, just because O.J Mayo and Darren Collison will play their positions, Earl K. Sneed writes we shouldn't expect them to "replace" the pair. Indeed, while there are some similarities, all four are pretty different players with unique skillsets.
  • For those that see this season as essentially another stall in the quest to eventually find a star player, Rick Carlisle emphatically states what the team's goal is: "we play for championships here."
  • Self-deprication is healthy. That's important to remember when you read Basketbawful's funny if not overly complimentary take on the Mavs' summer.
And that's it.