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Dallas & Cents Presents: Mavs Links for 9/14


Friday. Go fry some fish or bacon or something.

  • The narrative about O.J. Mayo signing with Dallas has been rehashed plenty. Yes, he took less money here because he wanted to be in Dallas, he wanted to play with Dirk, and he thought this was the best basketball move for him. Here's a new little tidbit, from Tim MacMahon: one of the people who Mayo asked advice from was Chauncy Billups, who gave high praise to Carlisle. Billups, for those wondering, played for Carlisle in Detroit all the way back in 2002. This just goes to reinforce how positively Rick is viewed around the league, when a player he coached ten years ago still strongly recommends him. This also makes me like Billups just a tad more.
  • Chris Kaman doesn't like kicking his feet up on his desk and relaxing, per Eddie Sefko. In fact, I'm trying to envision Chris Kaman sitting at a desk. Mounted animals right behind his head is obvious. Perhaps instead of legs, the desk would be held up my shotguns. Well, anyway, Sefko also mentions (as if enough people haven't said it already) that O.J. is working really hard.
  • Well, Hardwood Paroxysm did a mailbag. Go read it. There's a slight Dallas connection, where one question asks about Mayo. The rest deals with Jose Calderon, Jeff Green, and everything in between.
  • I was at the Mavericks press conference earlier this week, and exchanged a handshake and a few words with Jae Crowder. Mike Fisher got a 1-on-1 interview. I hate being a rookie. Here's the video.
  • Later today, watch for our weekly Friday poll. In the coming week, Alan Smithee and I will begin to break down each individual player in preparation for the season. IT'S CLOSE. I CAN START TO FEEL IT. HANG IN THERE!