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Friday Poll: Seeing Where Loyalties Lie

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You know the routine by now. It's Friday, and Friday means it's time for a poll. Leggo! (that's slang for let's go...I'm trying to keep you guys up to date up in dis joint!)

Last week, the Friday Poll was hijacked (though certainly not in a bad way) for one of the SBNation themed surveys. As expected, the Spurs were overwhelmingly considered the biggest rival of the Mavericks. What one might not remember, though, is the poll from two weeks ago. Can you even remember what it was about? Well, go see and check out how the results turned out!

Now today. This question is different from the normal, but I think it will be interesting for the DFW readers here who have ties to multiple teams. October is a very busy month for sports, so let's have a hypothetical situation. Say it's a nice, breezy Sunday next month. The Cowboys are about halfway through the season and have a game. The Rangers are in the playoffs -- doing well, of course. There's a Stars game going on, too. Early of the season, of course, but it's an actual game. Lastly, one more team is playing, our team: the Mavericks are lacing up to compete in a preseason contest.

Well, what is it? Which team gets the biggest screen and the most attention? Be honest.