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Yes, We're Still Tracking Petteri Koponen

Bongarts/Getty Images

We still have our faithful Petteri Koponen fan Hippo Taatila sending me updates every once in a while. Here are some links he forwarded me, concerning the qualifying round for EuroBasket. Apparently Koponen put forth an MVP-level effort, and there's a nice clip with some video evidence.

If you're a stats dude,here's a link to his averages for the Finnish national team in the 2012 EuroBasket qualifiers. His numbers don't look too shabby... it's nice to know he's still out there.

According to Hippo:

Koponen is now starting his first Euroleague season with Russian team BC Khimky. Koponen scored 17 in his first exhibition game with his new team.

Koponen's 3-year contract with BC Khimky has a buyout option every summer.

Those that watch Euro basketball pretty faithfully seem to think Koponen would make a good addition to an NBA team. These days, the Mavericks are pretty stacked with guards, old and new, so I don't see him coming any time soon.