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Dallas & Cents: Mavs Links 9/20/12 Includes Steve Nash, Summer 2013, and BBQ Chips


Links from around the Maverick community.

  • It's never too soon to talk about free agents, right? Eddie Sefko doesn't think, as he looks at "Tier Two" free agents who will be available. In other news, just four years until the 2016, the summer of Miles Plumlee! So excited, guys.
  • Earl K. Sneed goes the opposite direction, talking to Cuban about the off-season wheeling and dealing and how it set Dallas up better for the long run.
  • Tim MacMahon writes about Darren Collison, who admits to having a chip on his shoulder from his playoff elimination. I'd guess a bbq-flavored chip, but I think a convincing case could be made for sour cream & onion.
  • Once in his life, when playing for the Mavericks, Steve Nash got booed. A lot. Interesting anecdote I'd never heard before. It was also revealing that Steve actually had a couple of pretty average years for the Mavericks. As a young fan, I just assumed he was amazing from the first time he stepped on the floor, but I suppose if that were the case, would the Mavericks have been able to sneak him out from Phoenix like they did?
  • The Spurs revealed their practice jerseys for next year. Wait, those are actual game jerseys? Excuse me as I clean my desk of the water I just spit everywhere.