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Welcome to the New-Look Mavs Moneyball

The new (and we think improved) site has been live for most of the day now, and we're curious to know what you think.

If you ask me, SB Nation just took a HUGE step towards becoming the best sports blog network out there, what with our extensively revamped look that was unveiled just this morning.

I know that we tried to prepare you as best we could for the change that was coming, but we're still curious to know how you're feeling about the new look. Obviously the high quality of our content hasn't changed (though we'll hopefully be able to provide several angles to the same story now that we don't have to worry about burying pieces in the chronological blog format). But tell us what you think of the new features!

Did you watch the video stuck there in the cover?

The folks who do all the important behind-the-scenes work have been slaving tirelessly to give you the best possible browsing experience, but they're also eager to know if there's anything that needs fixing. We as bloggers are already hard at work giving feedback to the development team, so if you run into any problems we'd like to know.

That being said, we're quite proud of the way things look. So don't rain on our parade.