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Dallas and Cents: 9/26/12

News and notes from around the web on your Dallas Mavericks for Wednesday, September 26th, 2012.

Jerome Miron-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Good Wednesday to you. What's going on around the web today?

  • Dirk Nowitzki placed in ESPN's NBA Player Ranks, coming in at #11...but nobody cares about these rankings, right?
  • Wrongo. Now, to be fair, Tim MacMahon is paid to care, and also to fashion words together in sentences so as to give the impression he is writing. Still, #11 is hardly offensive. Maybe the real point of this story isn't that Dirk's placement is off, but more that Dirk needs to prove last year was largely a result of his being out of shape at the start of the season. Which is legitimate. I probably just expect these kinds of articles from ESPN Dallas because they waste so much time discussing perceived slights and where players "rank" in relation to each other.
  • We've seen stories the last month or two on just about every Mavs' player who might "breakout" or "comeback"(speaking of comebacks, stay tuned later day for a fun SBNation-wide themed post), and with a team like this, assembled from amnesty castoffs, former top picks, ostensibly "over the hill" ex-stars, and young players buried behind all those guys on the depth chart, just about everyone probably could to either breakout or comeback. With that in mind, Eddie Sefko writes about a name we haven't heard too much buzz about since the summer league ended, in Dominique Jones, who Sefko says has reportedly been "eye-catching" in practice. Jones is going to have to be a lot more than that to crack the deep guard rotation for Dallas.
  • Another guy who has a long road ahead to getting NBA rotation minutes, rookie Bernard James, apparently really likes the Dallas locker room. Yeah...please hurry up and get here NBA season. These guys need other things to write about.
  • Wondering what Jason Terry is up to, now that he's a Celtic? The usual: taking his job way too seriously. Though his comments on killing people does sound like a great idea for a spoof: JET Terry, Assassin.
  • Back to current Mavs, Earl K. Sneed writes that the newcomers want to bring a trophy back to Dallas. Regardless of what noise goes on around them, I do not get the impression that the players view this season as lost or futile.
  • Apparently Vince Carter body slammed coach Sam Mitchell while the two were in Toronto. Jalen Rose recaps the story with animation. I've never been the biggest of Jalen Rose but this story is pretty funny.
  • For everyone that complains about NBA officiating, at least it's not the NFL.
  • In his ongoing mental breakdown massive writing project, Aaron McGuire continues his 370 part series by profiling Chris Kaman. Spoiler: he's not crazy about him.
  • Okay, so I've linked to images of the Barclays center before(I'd do it again but finding it may blind me), which is hideous, and now the "cheerleader" outfits have been revealed. Has all this "basketball" talk been a giant ruse and the Brooklyn Nets are really an S&M dance troupe or something?

And that's it.