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Dallas & Cents: Mavs Links 9/27/12

A small selection of Mavericks news morsels for your enjoyment.

Jeff Gross - Getty Images

Mavericks Media day is tomorrow... which means we are DANGEROUSLY close to the start of training camp, which means we are DANGEROUSLY close to preseaon in Europe, which means we are DANGEROUSLY close to the season starting.

  • It looks like we've got an old friend back to start training camp. The Mavericks have signed DJ Mbenga to the training camp roster, along with Josh Akognon and Tu Holloway. As per usual, terms of their deal have not been released.
  • If you were hoping to catch some preseason action, you're in luck. Six preseason games will be broadcast on Channel 21 (I guess that's a local thing, sorry non-Dallas folks) including the two Europe games (on tape delay). Lucky for all of us, Followeezy will be back in action.
  • The bros at SB Nation Dallas contemplate whether the Mavericks should put all their effort into pursuing James Harden when he becomes a free agent. This guy thinks we should.
  • If you've been following SB Nation's 3v3 tournament, you should probably pay attention. Tonight we find out whether we beat the Lakers. There should be no surprise that ALL of the judges picked the Lakers to win. But we all know what happened last time...
  • I don't know if anybody cares about this #NBARank garbage (I certainly don't) but apparently it's being used as a reasonable measure of a team's potential. Bummer, because Dirk Nowitzki is our only Top-50 guy.