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Friday Poll: Who do you want to hear from?

It's Mavs Media Day! Mavs Moneyball will be represented, but we want to know who you guys want us to talk to. Vote for which players and come submit questions below in the comments!

Ronald Martinez - Getty Images

Hey gang. Last week, the Friday Poll decided who the most overlooked player on the Mavericks is. Lots of people got votes, and the final tally was quite close. The winner received 42 votes, but five players were in the 30's. Go take a look!

Anyway, here's something that should brighten your day. Training camp begins TOMORROW for the Dallas Mavericks, meaning today is media day. I will be in attendance, but I'm not just going to drool on players or cast judgmental looks to beat writers who I don't like because they always write pessimistic articles about the Mavericks.

So who do you guys want me to talk to? What do you want me to ask? This is my first year at Media Day, but from what I know, it is definitely a more laid back setting. No, I'm not going to get autographs and mail them to you, but questions that are not quite as serious might be on the table.

For the poll, vote on which player you really want me to talk to. In the comments, chime in with some questions, and as long as it's within reason, I'll certainly try to get an answer.

Also, follow me on twitter (@tim_cato) for live updates. This is going to be fun.