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Per league spokesman: NBA "finalizing procedures" to penalize flopping

The league announced Thursday it is nearing an agreement that would put into action a procedure for reviewing and penalizing flopping. Too good to be to be true?

Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The story:

ELIZABETH, N.J. -- The NBA is about to act in hopes of stopping the floppers.

Spokesman Tim Frank said Thursday the league is finalizing procedures to deal with flopping, the art of falling down when little or no contact was made in an effort to trick referees into calling a foul.

Frank said the competition committee met two weeks ago and discussed plans that would go in place this season. Commissioner David Stern believes too many players are deceiving referees by flopping and has been seeking a way to properly penalize them.

The procedures likely will involve a postgame review of the play by the league office, rather than an official calling an infraction during the game, Frank said. Players would likely be fined if they flopped.

I admit, I was dubious when this was first mentioned months ago, but it does seem that there's progress here. How exactly it will work, and how effective it will be, is completely beyond my ability to predict. Obviously, that they are broaching this subject makes me happy, as I believe just about every fan is irritated by flopping.

Steve Perrin of SB Nation had an interesting take on the issue, claiming that creating a penalty system wouldn't solve anything, and might even make things worse.

Hilariously, Spurs Nation is worrying that such changes could prove detrimental to beloved Spur and notorious flopper, Manu Ginobili.

What do you think about all this?