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(Early) Friday Poll: Know Thine Enemy

If you haven't been following along with SBNationNBA's league-wide themed pieces, you've been missing out. We've been participating whole-heartedly here at MMB, and we're still going strong. This next post, due up on Wednesday, September 12th, is our Rivalry post. I volunteered rather quickly because I happen to be "involved" with a Spurs fan and I thought it would be fun to trash his team with reckless abandon in a public venue.

But that got me to thinking... are the Spurs the ONLY rivals? Maybe they're just the first team that comes to mind because of the deep-rooted, profound hatred most Mavericks fans have for the Spurs. However, I think an argument could be made for a couple of teams, don't you? The Miami Heat... there's OBVIOUSLY some bad blood there (even though we experienced sweet, sweet redemption). The Oklahoma City Thunder? The new bad boys in town who are sweeping in and turning the Southwest Division on its head... a case could be made for them, for sure.

And what about the Utah Jazz? Now THERE is a team that HATES the Dallas Mavericks. So what if Dirk took a little jab at the fans a few years ago? Then of course there are the neighboring Rockets, the now-defunct Suns and hell, even the Super-Lakers. Who do you think of as a bigtime rival?

Anyway, make sure you vote in our poll, and see what our stellar writing team has to say on the matter over the next few days. And if you need some good reading, take a look at our other themed posts. There was Biggest Disappointment, 3 on 3 Team (which is having a tournament, btw.Check it out), Best Trade Ever, and Cult Classic.