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Dallas & Cents: Mavs Links 9/7/12, Discussing Head Coaches, Hall of Famers, and Socks



  • We've talked a lot about Shawn Marion's quirky socks and other twitter oddities this offseason, but today, we have an actual article concerning him. Earl K. Sneed talks about Shawn and whether he'll be able to continue his defensive impact and intensity this coming season. Marion is an aging player, that's for sure, but I still like to believe he has several really good years left.
  • Ok, one sock picture too. Just one.
  • The enshrinement ceremony for the Basketball Hall of Fame is tonight, and Don Nelson is being inducted. I barely knew Avery Johnson so there's not a whole lot I can say about Don Nelson, but clearly he did something right if Donnie Nelson is his son. Ball Don't Lie writes about Don today, as well as Eddie Sefko. Both those guys absolutely know about him, so give those articles a read.
  • That Woman Game (yes, I know this joke has been made before; no, I don't care) actually has some a new article up, and it's good stuff. Ian Levy talks about Dallas, Indiana, and how their connections helped the two teams this summer.
  • Any thoughts on the new logos? Just in case you were so caught up with the awesome new MMB one that you breezed right past it, here is the link to all of the logos that were created. Yeah, all 322 of them. Feast your eyes.