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Mavs Moneyball: An Origin Story

One of the greatest Maverick moneyballs of all time.
One of the greatest Maverick moneyballs of all time.

Gather round, those who would like to hear a tale of treachery, adventure and excitement. Sit back and hear a yarn spun about legends, heroes and cowards.

Or, actually, this is more about why Mavs Moneyball is named the way it is. I figured I'd pump it up, just a little.

This topic came to my attention in the comments of the post about our new, kickass logo. Someone asked about the name and our founder explained as much as she knew. Basically, the original founder of the site hasn't responded to inquiries about the name.

LJ and SB Nation NBA League Manager Seth Pollack had some good reasons, one that the NBA three-point contest last shot is the moneyball, which also explains the colors of the ball and our logo. Seth's idea was that "Moneyball" also alludes to the Bill James-advanced metric thinking in sports. And as we all know, Mark Cuban bought into advanced stats a lot faster than his NBA contemporaries.

While those are both quality and acceptable reasons for the site name, I present some evidence on perhaps the true reasoning behind the name: A regular call on the Mavericks TV broadcast some years ago.

Back in the early Cuban-era, the Mavericks TV voice was not Mark Followill, but Matt Pinto. Followill was the radio voice when Pinto was on TV. Pinto left the Mavericks after 2005 season and is now doing his usual excellent work on radio for the Oklahoma City Thunder. It goes to show how incredibly spoiled the Mavericks are with announcers, because when Pinto left, Followill took his great talents to TV and Chuck Cooperstein manned the radio broadcasts. That's three of the best in the business, we Dallas fans are a lucky bunch.

Anyways, I'm getting slightly off-topic. Here's the point: after a Mavericks made three, Pinto would sometimes go with the call "Cha-ching! A Mavericks moneyball!" Here's video of a game against the Sonics back in the 2004-2005 season. Proof is at the one-minute mark:

So there you have it. The possible truth behind our beloved site's name. Thank you for joining us in this edition of Mavs Moneyball Throwbacks. If nothing else, you get to watch a video of one of Dirk's best games.