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VIDEO: Dirk has fun with Sacramento security guy, LOLs ensue

Dirk Nowitzki is just the best. There's already mounds of evidence that suggests this. Here's a bit more, with Dirk messing around during the Mavs win against the Kings last week.

Above is a video of Dirk Nowitzki messing with a Sacramento security dude who is making sure Dirk doesn't "interfere" with a video review in the Mavs/Kings game from last week.

*cracks knuckles*

  • "The Miami Heat should have signed this guy in 2011!"
  • "Looks like this guy is taking 'Here We Stay' a bit literally."
  • "This guy should mentor DeMarcus Cousins and teach him his stern and strong-willed ways."

Annnnd that's all I got. If you stayed up in the wee hours last week when the Mavs vanquished the Kings in overtime, you probably missed this little bit of magic. This is just more proof that Dirk is really and truly, the best. Enjoy.