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Dallas Mavericks in the All-Star Game? Not this year. #NBAAllstar


Here's the thing about the All-Star game that I think is sometimes overlooked. It's not enough to say someone deserves to be an all-star, you have to be able to say that he deserves to be an all-star more than the likely all-star starters.

The Mavs ain't got nobody like that, and it's not even really debatable. A month and a half ago, you'd consider OJ Mayo, who is still actually 4th in the league in PG scoring, but come on. SG in the West? It was always going to be Kobe and James Harden. And that's before you start talking some of the combo guards.

Although the Mavs SHOULD probably take into consideration, when they're doing the offseason math, that they may actually have the third best offensive SG in the West. The guys right behind Mayo in scoring, and not real close, are Jamal Crawford, Klay Thompson and Wes Matthews. Just saying. Anyhow.

I'm tempted to say that Dirk should make it. After all, Yao Ming kept making it while deceased, and, with Kevin Love injured and Pau Gasol everyone's favorite punching bag, this is a season pretty ripe for a "service to the game" nomination. But, Blake Griffin, LaMarcus Aldridge and David lee have all been too good. And again, that's not even getting into the fact that Tim Duncan is still technically listed as a PF, as he always has been.

So, no the Mavericks shouldn't be represented in the all-star game, and actually, that's okay. It's always been a little awkward watching Dirk in the all-star games, which are kind of the last place for a high-efficiency, low-flash scorer to strut his stuff.

The Mavericks do, however, deserve to have OJ Mayo in the three-point competition. He's an impressive 6th in the West, currently (behind Jimmer Fredette? Weirdly?) but more importantly, he's one of only two guys in that list (the other being Steph Curry) who's been doing it against the toughest coverage.

They deserve someone in the dunk competition only if Vince Carter goes back in time, but I'd kind of like to see Brandan Wright. Right?