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Dallas and Cents: 1/27/13

News and notes from around the web for your Dallas Mavericks on Sunday, January 27th, 2013.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Good Sunday, y'all. This one will have to be quick because I'm currently in the one wifi hotspot in Roswell, New Mexico.

  • Pretty rough loss on Friday. The Dallas Morning News has pictures!
  • We had the annual "Roddy tease game" last night, and Sefko has some quotes from him and Carlisle that might shed some light on what Roddy has to do if he's ever, ever going to show consistency. I've written at length about this bizarre relationship we fans have with Roddy. Yes, he's let us down enough times most of us have written him off. Yet, and I don't know exactly why, when he plays like that I am so easily roped into thinking he might actually become something in Dallas, as it seems so easy for him to be a star. Or, at least a starter.
  • Rick Carlisle joined Galloway and Company for a chat, with some some tough issues were addressed, such as whether or not Rick is too hard on his players.
  • Another milestone tonight for Shawn Marion, who will play in his 1,000th game, something Bird, Magic, Russell and Jerry West, among others, didn't do.
  • If anyone was wondering if Delonte West would be making a return to the Mavs, Mark Cuban says it's not happening.
  • Have centers replaced point guards atop the list of problems? Eddie Sefko thinks so. Against the Spurs anyway, I thought the problem was more the poor rotating on defense, allowing Tonè Parkour and the Spurs to just pick them apart.
  • Speaking of point guards, an interesting breakdown of dual point guard systmes in the NBA that includes a brief tidbit on the successful shared playmaking duties of the Mavericks Finals backcourt.
  • O.J. Mayo signs a jar of Mayo.
  • Mavs try to get back in the win column as they teeter on the edge of falling out of the playoff race, taking on the Phoenix Suns tonight. This upcoming stretch heading to the trade deadline must be where this team makes its move, continues to beat the teams they should beat and gets a few victories against the teams they shouldn't. Otherwise, its probably time to consider shipping some guys out of here for picks and/or young assets.

And that's it.