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Which Warrior worries you?

Poll time! Which Warrior player causes you concern?

Ezra Shaw

Good moving everyone! Mr. Jonathan Tjarks will be along shortly with a preview of the Mavs-Warriors game, which is on at 9:30 central time on Fox Sports Southwest or TNT for anyone not watching locally. In the mean time, I wanted to take the pulse of MavsMoneyball Nation. Which member of the fifth best team in the West will cause the Mavericks the most problems? See the poll at the bottom of the page!

The Warriors have plenty of options to choose from. Stephen Curry, a non All Star who should be on the team. Second year shooting guard Klay Thompson, coming off his best game of the season where he scored 32 points. Then there's rookie swing man Harrison Barnes. He slipped a bit in the draft, but it seems he fell to the right team. The Warriors are able to let him develop without needing to put a label on him or his role. We haven't even got to All-Star forward David Lee, a rebounding machine who might give the rebounding-challenged Mavericks fits. Then we come to Andrew Bogut, fresh off a long break due to injury. The former number one over all pick will probably see limited action, but he's a defensive game changer.

Take the poll, then let us know what you think in the comments!