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It's a'Me, Marion! Super Marion, That Is...

The Mavericks have an excellent sense of humor, as is evidenced by this in-game 8-bit video they created.

If you've ever had the pleasure of being in the American Airlines Center for a Mavericks game, you know that the team is really good at making funny videos using their players. Thank goodness the team contains players who are willing to subject themselves to the ridiculousness.

Just spend a little time on google... you'll find videos of Dirk Nowitzki (badly) singing Bruce Springstein, a weird Old Spice-style commercial about Caron Butler, some weird country western stuff because, hey, Texas. But this video is perfect for those of you in my age group who grew up playing Super Mario Bro's on Nintendo. Kudos to you, Mavericks. This is gold.