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Better Know an Opponent: New Orleans Hornets Edition, Vol. 2

A Q&A with At The Hive

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Rohan, editor of At The Hive, was kind enough to answer a couple of questions I had about the Hornets last night. I don't know about you, but I haven't had much of a chance to see the Hornets this year. Read up, and take a look at their site At The Hive if you'd like to learn more about their team.

1.I see Eric Gordon finally played. First, how did he look? Second, will we ever know what went on with him and his injury?

His first game was strong statistically and his second poor, but overall he looked in decent overall shape. The Hornets actually held him out of his 3rd game (a road back to back) so it'll be interesting to see how much he plays against Dallas.

I'm not sure we'll know definitively what happened with his knee (or if he's actually even fully past it yet).

2. Can you give us an update on your two rookies? From what I'm seeing Anthony Davis is the real deal but Austin Rivers is looking a bit out of his depth.

Anthony Davis has definitely exceeded offensive expectations, and if he can't continue to develop his game through the rest of the year and the summer, sky's the limit.

Austin Rivers is just awful. I wish I had more to say, but that's essentially it.

3. What are your thoughts on the proposed name change from Hornets to the Pelicans? I kind of love it.

Hated it when it was announced, but in retrospect, that was more a function of hating the fact they'll no longer be called the Hornets. I think "Pelicans" is honestly a very cool name, and that overall, the coolness of names gets determined more by how good your team is than anything else*. But I think anyone that's followed this team since the 90s will agree that losing the original name just really, really, really sucks regardless of the new one.

*Unless you're the Bobcats, which is just an awful name from an originality perspective. Good thing they'll be the Hornets soon!

4. I know the Hornets are 7-25, but what things are you seeing that give you hope moving forward?

Ryan Anderson was just a superb get over the summer, Robin Lopez and Greivis Vasquez are arguably having career years, and Anthony Davis is just flat out fun. If Gordon's healthy, him plus that core plus a '13 lottery pick is real promising.

5. Along the same vein, what things about things are driving you nuts about the Hornets play?

Probably how completely awful they are defensively, specifically at defensive rebounding, and at conceding fast break chances. They aren't particularly great in halfcourt either, but if those first two things could be improved even a little bit, I'd be delighted.

Thanks Rohan! Everyone be sure to visit At The Hive!

Tonight, MMB has not one, not two, but THREE members of the team going to the game. Be sure to log in to the game thread here or log on to twitter to see what all is going on!

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