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New Mavs Moneyball writer

Hey everybody!

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Just a little bit of house-keeping, as our glorious editor wanted me to formally introduce myself on the site.

If you've ventured around the SBN network, you might recognize my name. I was the managing editor for SBN Dallas for the last nine months, where I worked with the great Andy Tobo, and I cover the NBA draft for SB Nation and Texas basketball over at Barking Carnival. I'm also an NBA blogger for RealGM and I've written about basketball and all that implies in various spots on the interwebs in the last few years.

Hopefully I can bring some national perspective, particularly on college basketball and the draft, as it looks like a topic everyone will need to start familiarizing themselves with again.

As for my Dallas bonafides, I was born and raised here and I still remember when Gary Trent (The Shaq of the MAC) and Chris Antsey (the best running 7'0 in the world) were going to save the day. And before I forget ... hook'em!!