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Dallas Mavericks Media Day: A Categorized Quoteboard

Mavs Moneyball was on site at Mavericks Media Day. Here's a round-up of the most important quotes that came from that afternoon.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Between four press conferences and scattered interviews throughout, a lot was said at Mavericks Media Day, 2013 edition. After I've brushed aside the cliches and worked my way around the thirty second answers that say nothing, here's all the important stuff divided into categories.

Yes, it's missing some Monta quotes -- just stay tuned. I've got an article coming later today.

The laughs

Carlisle on Dirk being a father: "If you're asking me if he's settling into fatherhood and is not as into basketball, I'll tell you categorically the answer is 'f***king ain't right no.' This is serious business."

Is Dirk's two-month-old daughter a daddy's girl? "Not really yet, that's going to take some time. I don't have boobs. I can't really help her that much yet."

Ever think about asking Cuban for a share of the Mavs when you retire? Dirk: "He better give me a job in some capacity after all these years."

Dirk's health

Dirk: "I actually started work-outs in May, which is the earliest for a long, long time. Hopefully I feel good going into the season and stay injury-free. I feel better now than any point of last year."

Carlisle: "He's had a phenomenally-conscious summer with regards to his workouts. It's kind of continuing rehab from last year. He's been doing great all summer."

Dirk: "Last year I felt good as well. I put a lot of work in last summer. It's just kind of a freaky thing in Barcelona, it wasn't until the first couple days of two-a-days that the knee started to swell up. I had no indication before that."

Dirk: "Last year, I was spot-up shooting more because I really didn't have pop going to the basket."

Last year's problems

Carlisle: "Our mission is to get back to winning in the playoffs. The goal is always going to be to win championships."

Carlisle on defensive problems last year: "It was a combination of everything. What we're going to have to do is rebuild our system with nine new guys around showing a lot of early help and taking pride in guarding your guy one-on-one."

Carlisle: "Last year, we had too many catastrophic turnovers that lead to unguardable layups."

New players

Carlisle: "This first month is going to be one of the best challenges I've ever faced in coaching."

Carlisle on having a totally different roster: "I like this challenge a lot; I've spent a lot of time individually with these guys over the summer and I'm looking forward to it. I also think that, as by-product of the CBA, you're going to have more player movement over the years."

Dirk: "I've never played with an explosive guy like Monta so I think we should play off each other really well. I think Sammy [Dalembert] should bring some stuff that meshes really well with my game."

Carlisle on Larkin and Harris being out past camp: "That's why we signed 20 guys, so we can have 18 active, at least for the first few games or first couple weeks and then we'll see what's what after that."

Carlisle on how much will the teamrely on Dalembert: "Sam's going to be important as a rim protector and communicator, but this [defensive effort] isn't going to fall on one person."

Dirk on adjusting to new players: "Honestly, it's pretty easy to get used to. Everyone knows I'm going to pick and pop, face-up and post and shoot, and that's really it. I need some help defensively, everyone knows that. I don't think it's that hard to really get to know me as a player."

Calderon: "My job this year will be to try to get the ball to the right guys at the right moments, try to know where they want the ball."

Monta: "We always had respect for Dallas when I was in Golden State. Grade A organization."

Monta on his and Dalembert's poor seasons last year: "He had his rough times in Milwaukee and I had my stages, but at the end of the day we're Dallas Mavericks."

Monta on relationship with Rick: "It started off on the right foot. He came down to Houston where I was working out and hung with me for a few days, worked on me with some things."

Defensive Focus

Carlisle: "I love close games as they're coming more of a reality in the this league because of the CBA has influenced the levels of talent evening out, and that's exciting."

Carlisle: "I like this team offensively. This is going to come down to defense."

Carlisle: "We don't have first or second team All-Defense guys on our team, so we'll have to do it collectively."

Everything else

Carlisle on Dirk's minutes: "It's in the low 30's per game, and we want to keep Vince in the mid 20's."

Calderon's busy summer: "The Spanish National team's been together so long we don't really need to practice a lot so we've been doing a good job to be getting our bodies ready for training camp."

Monta: "As much pressure as we take off Dirk [offensively], I'll think he takes more off us."

Monta: "All the critics are counting us out [of the playofs]."