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Dallas and Cents: October 1, 2013 Edition

A look around the web at what's being said about the Dallas Mavericks


You guys! YOU GUYS!

Mavericks Media Day was yesterday, and we've had some great content from Tim Cato the past day or so, who has been covering it for MMB. Go check it all out.

In the meantime, a few other Mavs items of note:

1. Mark Deeks has a great look over at The Score at the Roddy B "era" to date, and what went wrong for Beaubois.

2. Mark Cuban's insider trading trial started yesterday, which apparently stems from a 2004 stock sale. It appears to be unrelated to the Mavericks.

3. Ben & Skin had a brief chat with Shawn Marion the other day, touching on a few fun topics.

4. Mark your calendars: Mavs single game tickets go on sale Saturday at 10 A.M.!

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