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Michael Finley had an Estate Sale

It's not every day that you can stroll into an former NBA player's house and shop. This past weekend, however, you could do just that.

Mavericks items at Michael Finley's October 2013 estate sale
Mavericks items at Michael Finley's October 2013 estate sale
Rebecca Lawson

Estate sales are par for the course every weekend. It is always interesting walking in a stranger's house and exploring the lives of the others through their possessions. It's voyeuristic at its core which makes it somewhat thrilling. This is especially true if you have the opportunity to walk into the house of a celebrity.

Saturday, fellow MMB writer Rebecca and I went to an estate sale in North Dallas. The house was unassuming, for North Dallas at least. It was a Spanish style mansion tucked back from the street surrounded by a wall and ornate entry gate. I have passed by the house countless times, thought nothing of it, and had no idea who lived there. However, it was the person who lived there that drew us in. It was the home of Michael Finley and he was selling everything.

I had hoped that Finley would be at the sale sitting behind a folding table with a cash box next to him. Alas, this was not the case. He wasn't home.

His house wasn't overwhelming but it was certainly nice. There was a decent size backyard with a pool, a pool house that was the size of some of the apartments I've lived in and a full size basketball court. Inside, the rooms featured clothing, furniture, and random household goods. Most of the items that were for sale were standard estate sale fare. Linens, bedding, toys and clothes were all available. However, there were some items that stood out. Did you know that Michael Finley's dress shirts were custom made by the same designer that custom made Michael Jackson's dress shirts? We could have had one for a mere $550! Lined on a counter in the kitchen were what seemed to be every remote control that ever existed. In the garage there was a NBA Showtime/NFL Blitz arcade machine, an autographed Coca-Cola vending machine and several rims and tires. There was also a game-worn jersey and some other Mavs memorabilia for sale. The cheapest item of interest for sale was a blanket featuring an image of Tony Parker. It may have also been the oddest thing for sale.

We weren't there to buy. We were there for the novelty of being in Finley's house. It is an odd sensation, almost surreal, walking around the property of someone whose life has indirectly impacted yours for so many years. One could not help but think of Finley's more memorable moments in the NBA. Our need to touch celebrity is interesting. It makes one giddy and curious at the same time. Celebrities become a part us in a way. However, we are rarely granted access to their lives on a tangible level. This is what led us to the sale in the first place. We wanted to experience, though only for a short time, how he lived. To touch his life. In the end, Finley likely doesn't live much differently than us. He just has more money.

We did not walk away empty handed when we left. The security guard at the door gave us complimentary basketball cards. It was a nice gesture on what was certainly a rare occasion.

Check out some more pictures of the estate sale in the little Facebook album we put together.

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