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First night of the NBA: Open thread

Discuss NBA games that mean something. Because that's the thing to do. Forever and always.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Orlando plays Indiana at 6 CST. Chicago and Miami squares off in South Beach on TNT at 7 CST. The Clippers and Lakers play on TNT at 9:30. Not sure which one is the home team (that's a bad joke, sorry).

Anyhow, the NBA is back for another year of highs and lows and cussing at the TV, and you've got to be excited. We're all excited. I've avoided the preseason like the plague -- not on purpose, but simply because it didn't fit well into a busy schedule. But regular season NBA games is what I plan my schedule around, so let's get at it.

Here's an open thread to discuss the games tonight, be it Derrick Rose's new ACL or the Lakers being really bad at this sport. ESPECIALLY the Lakers being really bad at this sport. That's always a winner in my book -- you might even get a rec.

Viva la NBA!