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Dallas and Cents: October 4th

A look around the net at what's being said about our Mavericks

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Before we start, note that

1.) Andrew Sharp of Grantland has his top 15 moments of Media Day. Dallas makes the list twice. I won't spoil it for you, because I laughed pretty hard. Also, he riffs on Dirk and it's actually quite fantastic.

2.) Eddie Sefko of SportsDayDFW has a really, really great interview with Shawn Marion. He talks both basketball and life afterwards. Appreciate Marion, people. He's a unique NBA player and we will miss him when he's gone. I honestly hope he retires a Mav and one day has his jersey in hanging high in AAC.

Though as Mark Tobolowsky (brother of MMB scribe Andy) points out, Marion probably meant he visited Amalfi Coast in Italy, as opposed to the "Mafia coast" as it's written in the post. Then again, maybe a mistake was made on transcribing the interview. Lord knows I sure as hell can't spell.

3.) Bradford Doolittle does the ESPN Insider player previews for the Mavericks. I can link you, but if you don't have Insider, you probably can't see it. Find someone who does and read this. It's worth it. It's excellent, probably one of the best things related to Dallas I've read all year. If you can't find anyone to send it to you, hit me up on twitter.

4.) NBA 2K14 ratings and rookies over at Bleacher Report. Most rookies think they should be rated higher than they are, but our boy Ricky Ledo guesses his pretty close to the mark.

5.) O.J. Mayo vs Michael Jordan. Look, I know he's not a Maverick anymore, but these two links were too good not to pass along. First, Deadspin breaks out some old video of Mayo and Jordan playing against one another when Mayo was a senior in high school and Jordan was recently retired. It's crazy. goes a bit deeper, showing a 2K14 interview with Jordan about trash talk, and then talking with Mayo after a recent Bucks practice. All the videos are worth watching.

6.) Kelly Dwyer at Yahoo's Ball Don't Lie riffs a bit on the aforementioned Shawn Marion interview. I like Kelly a lot, because he has some interesting things to say. Without ruining anything, I agree with him on Marion.

7.) Well... my guy Delonte West is playing in China. I'm glad he found work, but it stinks he can't find a NBA job.

8.) Jose Calderon is dealing with some hammy problems. As long as he doesn't go near Miles Austin I think he's good. Not gonna link anything here, just because you probably already knew all that stuff.

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