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Ranking the Rankings, Week Two: Big moves as teams settle in

Week two of our power rankings show a lot of big moves up and down, with the Mavs staying pretty solidly in the middle.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Week two of our averaged-out power rankings have arrived! If anyone missed last week's inaugural column, check it out here.

Or, for those who are lazy, here's the tl; dr version: we will be attempting to make a little sense of the various power rankings around the web each week by averaging them out, with a few notes on where the Mavs are or should be, for our fine community's dissection and discussion.

Here are week two's numbers.

The Rankings


Some Observations

  • The rankers got a little more consensus around the Mavs this week, with rankings between 10-13 (last week was 10-15). Honestly, absent some weird twist of them starting to really be bad or really be good, I'll be interested to see if they don't just stay around here the entire season.
  • I expected the 76ers would start to freefall a little bit in week 2, and sure enough, they were one of the biggest falls of the week. The Knicks were the other big fall of the week, and with Tyson Chandler out for a while, how (if at all) they compensate will determine whether they continue to decline.
  • The biggest surprise in the "how far we done fell" contest probably goes to the Rockets. I don't know that I expect that to continue as the season rolls on. The corollary to that is the Suns, who are certainly a surprising team to see closer to the top.
  • Of note, the Wizards -- the Mavs' opponent tonight -- were one of the biggest gainers of the week. They've played well recently and I don't expect them to be an easy test for the Mavs. The Suns were the other big gain of the week, and I'll be very interested to see where they settle in the coming weeks.
  • No one seems to know what to make of the Lakers, Grizzlies, Magic or Bobcats. The rankers had those teams all over the place. Not so at the bottom, however, where rankers had the Nuggets, Kings and Jazz consistently bottom three.


SB Nation:

The Mavericks score a lot of points. They also give up a lot of points. I'm not sure exactly how good Dallas is, but it looks like they're going to be a lot of fun.


They know the reality: Success will mostly ride on the highs that Dirk-and-Monta-driven offense can generate.

CBS Sports:

Have to love what this team is giving you night to night right now, even going .500 last week. Rick Carlisle is doing his wizard thing again.