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Video Quoteboard: Dallas Mavericks top the Utah Jazz 103-93

Seven straight wins at home for the Mavericks, who just keep looking more and more like a scary NBA team.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Rick Carlisle

On the disappointing second half

It was disappointing, but wins are hard to get so it's a good win from that perspective. Our execution was poor in the second half both ends, it was pretty obvious. But now we have to get on a plane and go play another team. So that's where we are.

On the two centers

Those guys have been doing good things all year. I am not shocked by it. They did a good job tonight and we need them to cotinue to do that. And Sarge has got to be ready to play too, as he was in the Philly game.

On the first half play

Our first half was very good. The second half, we gave in to playing the score, instead of continuing to work to do things that right way. They made runs. We have to give them a lot of credit. They stuck with it, played hard and made big plays. We had to make some plays at the end to win but it's a win and we'll take it . I don't like the way we played in the second half but we have between now and tomorrow to straighten some things out.

Dirk Nowitzki

On the disappointing second half

Considering we have a brutal back-to-back, a flight to Denver now -- it's obviously a long flight for a back-to-back -- we should have got a little more rest. Our starters should have played in the 20-minutes wise and called it a day, but a couple of things came together. We weren't quite ready in the third quarter and they're a hard-playing team. We were a step slow coming out of half and they made shots.

On undefeated home record

We've been pretty good at home. We find ways to win games and get to the line with Monta, get to the bonus early, shooting the ball well at home, getting enough stops on defense.

On the SamDal game part 2 (I've got to stop calling it that)

He does a good job finding open space. They pay a lot of attention to Monta when he drives in there. He had some good rebounds in there tonight, some good putbacks.

On his reaction to Daryl Morey inquire for a trade of Dirk after signing Dwight (something Cuban revealed prior to the game. Unsurprisingly, he took it as a taunt)

He did. I wasn't really worried about it much. I guess it stays longer in Cuban's mind. To me, it was kind of in and out. We were frustrated at the time but then I think we made some great moves, signing Jose first, then Monta, and then all the rest of them. I didn't even think twice about it. I guess Cubes doesn't forget that easy.

Samuel Dalembert

On leaving the game with an apparent chest injury

It's the same spot I've kind of had a couple of bruises to the past few games. I'm felling better now. I'll do some treatment and get back for tomorrow.

On the perfect shooting from the floor

I just saw that, too! I was surprised. I wasn't thinking about that, you know, I was just putting myself in a situation and the guys were finding me. I wasn't forcing anything and I was just going with the flow.

On chemistry with Monta Ellis since both also played for Milwaukee last year

I think he's been very good the past few games. Now that I've gotten to play with him, I know his tendencies and I just get ready for the ball. I know that when he makes a trip to the basket, he's going to be looking to pass the ball and I just try to make myself available.

DeJuan Blair

On the game

It was pretty hard, especially with the crowd out. Cold night. Nobody really came in. We just had to find our own energy. It was something we had to find in ourselves. We just had to sustain this for 48 minutes.

Shawn Marion

On the Jazz comeback

We just relaxed and let them get back in the game. We started being careless out there. We ended up playing the fourth quarter, which we shouldn't have to.

On what happened to build an early lead

Our activity. Hands, defense, moving the ball. Everybody was getting touches with the ball and it stopped in the second half.

Monta Ellis

On letting the Jazz comeback

We got outside our game tonight. We had a lot of turnovers. On the defensive end, we played a little hesitant. They made shots.

On his chemistry with Samuel Dalembert

When he rolls, he just opens everything up for everybody. When the big man stays on me, I'm always looking for that pass. He was ready for it and we've been getting that all season. He did a good job rolling and catching at the rim.