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Four-Pointer: Previewing the Denver Nuggets, Round 2

The Mavericks are in the middle of an always fun home-and-home series, this time against the hated disliked Denver Nuggets. Here's a second look at the team Dallas lost to on Saturday night.

Little short on that jacket sleeve, Monty.
Little short on that jacket sleeve, Monty.
Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Spor

What has Denver done lately?

Saturday night's game was closely contested, featuring a strong comeback by the Mavericks, and about as "good" of a loss as can be had. Coming off a tough back-to-back and playing in the most home-advantageous arena in the NBA, Dallas played well enough to win had one or two more things gone their way. A team effort on the glass (including nine from Dirk!) showed that the Mavs can prevent the Nuggets from going crazy on second chance opportunities (they were first in the league in offensive rebounding), and that will still be a key headed into tonight's match-up.

Which Maverick might be due for a big game?

Give me Dirk, who did score 27 points but took 22 shots to get there. He also missed his final three shots at the end of the game, which is probably just enough to piss him off. Coming back home to the AAC, he's sure to take out his frustration and light up the Nuggets once again.

Which Nugget might be due for a big game?

The Mavericks defensive rebounding still worries me, though. Kenneth Faried had a monster 18 and 14 on Saturday night (including a ridiculous putback dunk), and he's posed to top the five offensive rebounds he corralled if Dallas isn't careful. Blair and Dalembert can't fall asleep at any point of the game and Dirk has to help out, like he did last time out.

What stat, player or fact might surprise you about Denver?

Randy Foye made a clutch three to put Denver ahead and, after a couple of Dallas misses, win the game on Saturday. He finished 5-of-12 from deep -- that's a lot of threes. But did you know that's not even the most three pointers he's attempted against the Mavericks? On April 2nd, 2012, when Foye was a Clipper, he lit them up for 8-for-15 from downtown. His 28 points was enough to easily pull Los Angeles past the Mavericks.