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Injury update: Wright and Harris practice; possible setback for Harris

Both Brandan Wright and Devin Harris appear close to a return. We think.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

According to several reports, including a few comments in Rick Carlisle's pregame press conferences lately, Brandan Wright and Devin Harris could both be back soon.

Various reports and comments the past couple days have indicated that both players are making good progress in their rehab, including practicing with the team today:

Neither will yet be available for the Golden State game on Wednesday (though you know Wright probably would have loved to be). As good as this sounds, it's not all sunshine. A few reports today have mentioned that Devin Harris may have suffered a small setback in rehab, with some swelling and discomfort in his foot. He hopes to be back by Christmas.

Wright, though ruled out against the Warriors, has been reported by Carlisle as "day-to-day" and could be back very soon.  Let's all think happy healthy thoughts for these guys -- the Mavs could certainly use a lift after that ugly loss last night, and going forward.