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Quoteboard: Dallas Mavericks beat Milwaukee Bucks 106-93

After a couple of disheartening losses, the Mavericks righted the ship in a Saturday night blowout, even missing Dirk and Rick Carlisle to sickness.

Welcome back!
Welcome back!
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

(manager's note: I assembled the post, but the locker room reporting was done by Doyle Rader)

Acting head coach Monte Mathis

On the return of Wright

"It was great to see him out there. His athleticism on defense, on offense -- all of those in-between shots that we know he's really good at -- he showed us that again. He did a great job with the game plan, the schemes on defense. He's just an experienced guy, so it's great to have him back."

On Samuel Dalembert's DNP-CD

Going into it, it wasn't set that Sam wasn't going to play, but it just ended up being that way. Brandon did a good job, Sarge did a good job, and by the fourth quarter, I didn't just want to throw him in there at the end either.

On having a spread-out offense

It was good. The starters set the tone. We really moved the ball on offense, they played within the system. Monta didn't have a great night, but he shared the ball and took his opportunities when he had them. We did a good job on both ends. The starters and the first three off the bench. The others guys just have to get a little bit better when they come in.

On the great play of Vince Carter

Especially in the first half, he was really playing within himself. He didn't have any of those put his head down bull-rush moments that we've seen a little bit of these last three weeks. He really played within himself; got others opportunities and he made his open shots. He didn't force things, and he had good opportunities and took advantage of them.

On Vince Carter's defense this season

He's a smart defender. He's really into it when it comes to schemes and coverages and gameplans -- he's seen enough of them over the years. He's really smart and into it, whether he's on the bench or in the game, he's constantly aware of what we're doing defensively. He may not have the athleticism or the quickness that he used to have, but he uses his brains now to cut angles off, to do things on pick-and-roll coverages. He uses his smarts.

On how many minutes they wanted to get Wright tonight

We were almost right on with that, it was around 20. We didn't want him to go over six minute stints right now, but he did a good job and 20 minutes is perfect. He wouldn't have had 20 minutes if we didn't have to put him back in at the end.

Brandan Wright

On how he feels

I felt fine. Physically my body felt good. I've still got a ways to go to get in the type of shape I need to get in so I can play bigger minutes, but it's going to come. I'm prepared for what's about to come up this season.

On being out there with his team again

It was great. The guys have been counting on me and really expecting me to come out here and help this team. It was one of those things where the training staff, strength and conditioning, and when I've been practicing the last few weeks, everything has been going well integrating me back into this game. I'm excited and ready to go.

On Milwaukee's late run

We pretty much dominated the first three quarters, but we weren't satisfied with what happened in that last quarter, but we're still working. It's still early in the season and we feel like we can get better.

On translating success at home into road wins

It's tough to get road wins, and it's tough to get any win. We've got to keep building. We've got to improve that road record. We're getting some guys back that our really going to help us out, myself and Devin. We'll be very formidable on the road.

Vince Carter

On passing the ball and finishing with nine assists

(A nearby DeJuan Blair exclaims: "Nine assists!? Is that the most of his career," getting a good laugh from everyone around, including Vince)

I just wanted to step up and bring it tonight, so I just wanted to get the energy off the bench. I think everybody contributed, everybody did their job tonight and that was the most important thing.

On "bringing the motorcycle out" tonight

I always bring it to the game; sometimes you need it, sometimes you don't.

On what Brandan Wright can bring to the team

His ability to rebound, run the floor; very athletic and a shot blocker at the rim. He has a high release on his shots so it's hard to block and great touch. It's just another guy who can roll, get in the paint. Just his presence is great for us and great to have.

Shawn Marion

On playing this well without Dirklisle

We went out there and did what we need to do, got a win.

On getting Brandan back

It was good. Another big body. Happy to see everybody get healthy -- Devin's next, and we'll be at a full roster which will be great to see.

Bucks head coach Larry Drew

On getting blown out

We came in here and we laid an egg. We didn't play well. We had very low energy which I was very disappointed about. After a game like tonight, one of the things that I'm going to have to do is go with the energy guys, guys who can bring energy every single night and play hard every single night. We are already shorthanded as it is so I'm just going to have to go with what I have and go with those guys that are going to provide me with some kind of energy and a competitive spirit.

On players besides Dirk and Monta hurting them in this game

When key guys are out, in this case Dirk wasn't playing, you have to expect other guys to step up. I said that to our guys before we went out on the floor. We can't expect this team to be any different with Dirk not being here because they are a good team. They have got really good personnel. We have to rise to the challenge. We know that without Dirk, chances are Monta [Ellis] will be a little more offensive minded. But we just did not respond in a game that we should have come out and played with a lot of energy.