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Mavericks Final Score (OT): Mavs fall to Raptors, 108-109

In a crazy overtime game, the Mavs couldn't quite make some last shots fall and lost a heartbreaker.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

What a game. It was nice and quiet until the Mavs decided to let the Raptors make it interesting, and hand the Mavs a loss in their first overtime game of the season.

In the first quarter, the Mavs' offense pretty much took control and didn't let go - though to be fair, the Raptors weren't offering much if anything in the way of defense. Dangerous against these Mavs. Dirk had a particularly pretty touch pass for a Matrix basket, some nice passing lead to a Blair slam, Larkin had a fantastic Jason Terry-esque cut for a basket, Brandan Wright(!)* came in and immediately drew a foul. Etc. The Mavs were getting any shot they wanted, basically, and would end the quarter up 33-22. Monta Ellis had five assists.

The Mavs continued getting good looks in the second, maintaining their lead for the first half of the quarter. But as Dirk sat, the Raptors figured some things out and the lead quickly shrank from 19 to 9 and then to 3 and then it tied Okay. The Mavs' offensive rotations looked pretty lost throughout most of the quarter, and the score going into the half was 52-49.

Mercifully, Dirk just straight took over to start the third and really throughout the quarter -- though the Raps kept pace, ugh, and then went ahead again, UGH. Mavs would find a little bit of a groove to end the quarter on a Jae Crowder trey (not a typo) and a couple of REALLY nifty Monta shots to put them up 81-78.

The lead wouldn't hold for long, though. A back to back threes by Vasquez and DeRozan would quickly put the Raptors up by five - and start an 11-0 run. BUT THEN. BUT THEN YOU GUYS. Jose Calderon hit back to back pull up threes in transition! THEN. Then he found Dirk for the filthiest three. It was SO FUN. A ghost foul on BWright sent the Raps to the line, but a crazy Monta shot kept it within one. THEN. A positively deafening Matrix slam put the Mavs ahead with one and change to go. Calderon with another assist on an awesome Trix bucket, etc. Dirk would miss (WHAT?!) the final shot to send the game to overtime.

Overtime started out a touch slow for the Mavs - Dalembert would start but after a quick foul instantly be pulled for Wright. The teams traded shots and the refs decided they hated the Mavs, with Dirk again having to ask for calls and not getting them. Calderon put the Mavs up briefly with a clutch three, but the Raptors immediately answered. On the last possession, with the Raps up one, Monta would miss the final shot for the loss. BOOOOO.

Cry your heart out below. I know I will be.

*Officially reserving the right to add that exclamation point to the end of Brandan Wright's name going forward, LARRY SANDERS! style.