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Video Quoteboard: Dallas Mavericks lose to Toronto in overtime

The Mavericks fell a point short in overtime against the Raptors for just their third home loss of the year.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Game Notes

  • The Mavericks fall to 6-7 in their last 13 games.
  • Dirk Nowitzki's 43 minutes broke his previous season-high of 36. Even without the overtime period, he was on pace to play the most minutes of any game this season.
  • 10 free throws was a season low for the Mavericks -- despite taking 48 shots within five feet of the rim.
  • Jose Calderon's seven three pointers tied his career high. He knocked down seven of eight shots against Golden State on 3/13/10.

Rick Carlisle

On where the game went wrong

It went wrong in the first half. We built a big lead and then we had breakdowns and then we had too many mistakes. They chewed into the lead very quickly. It's hard to build a 19-point lead in the league. You have to play well and you have to do a lot of things on both sides of the ball. To give up the lead that easy gave them a lot of life and they outlasted us.

On problems with turnovers

It's just bad offense and bad mistakes that lead to catastrophic plays that are unguardable. It's a recipe for failure turning it over that much and having them get that many points off of turnovers.

On the shots he got in overtime

We got good looks but at that point, when you controlled the game midway through the second quarter and then you let them back into the game that quickly, you've given them too much confidence. And you bring too many other things into the equation, like referees and shot making. It's unfortunate, but we have won some games where we have been way behind too, so it happens in this league. Our looks in overtime were pretty decent I thought but the Hail Mary shot that DeRozen made when we had two guys right there, that's the kind of night that they were having once we gave them life. So, we have to live with a tough loss.

Dirk Nowitzki

On whether he just ran out of gas at the end

Yeah, a little bit. It was a long stretch there, starting early in the third quarter. But obviously it's a close game, you don't want to get out there in the fourth not knowing that it's going to go to overtime. But I've got to make that last turnaround. I thought I got fouled on some shots where they hit my elbow. One I shot an airball, didn't get the call, complained about it, but there's nothing you can do about those. But yeah, I just didn't finish the way I would have loved to. I still had enough chances. That's a game that we can't lose.

On the Raptors' second quarter comeback

I went to the bench there and we gave up a couple of layups, and I came back in a couple minutes later, and they were hot, and got us all the way actually down two [points]. We got to be the team that loses leads quicker than any other teams in the league. We give up a 19-point lead in a couple've got to be more solid. There's going to be stretches were the ball just isn't going in but we turned the ball over and gave up layups.

On giving it up so quickly

Honestly, if you watch this lead, a 20-point lead in the second quarter doesn't mean a lot. There's not a lot of games where you just run away with a 20 point lead and win by 30 or 40. The refs start calling the games a little different and teams are just too good. You get a couple of stops, you get a couple of threes, you have it down to ten and then it's anybody's ballgame. Yeah, maybe we do play better when it's a close game or when we're behind, but we got to learn that if we do have a lead, to keep it longer, and not lose it within three or four minutes.

On Monta's final shot in overtime

They had a foul to give and they were screaming "foul" as soon as he drove it. I actually thought Amir [Johnson] tried to grab him and Monta realized he was going to try to foul him, so Monta just hopped over and flipped something up thinking they might foul him at that point. If they would have fouled him then, there only would have been two or one seconds left to go and then we would have had a really tough look. He made the right play to get it up at the rim but it just didn't go in. But really, against Toronto at home, it shouldn't come down to this.

Jose Calderon

On what went wrong

It was the second quarter. We had a 19-point lead. We just kind of gave it away in five or six minutes. So, it was tough. We had some miscommunication there on defense, they scored easy, and they got their mojo back, and they were playing much better. What happened at the end - you know it's going to be one shot, one stop, and I think we did the right things, but we couldn't make the last shot. But it is what it is - we've got to take care of the game when you're 19 points up.

On avoiding giving up those big leads

I think it goes both ways. Sometimes we have, sometimes we're down and we keep fighting. We've just got to keep doing it. You know they're going to make a run. Everybody in the NBA is going to make a run at some point of the game. You've got to be able to contain it a little bit better. The second half was better, needed another basket, but we just couldn't get that lead to win the game.

Shawn Marion

On giving up the lead

It's a tough one. We had an 18, 19 point lead and they saw some weak spots, went at them and it got them back in the game. We got to collectively hold this. We've got to challenge ourselves and look at ourselves in the mirror, buckle down and do something about it. ... It sucks, we should have had this thing.

On the trend of giving up leads

Well, tonight, they specifically went at some weak spots they recognized. I heard it from the bench. Who to go at, who not to go at. You've got to take it upon yourself and challenge yourself.

On now going on the road

We've got a tough game tomorrow in Phoenix. They're young and they get up and down that floor. We're going to have to really be on our games tomorrow.