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Moneybrawl Monday: Trade Chatter

Your friendly MavMoneyball staff talk Josh Smith trade rumors

Kevin C. Cox

Good morning! I hope everyone is still basking in the glow of the Saturday night win, which was impressive as any in 2013. With the Atlanta Hawks on tap tonight, naturally our attention turned to Josh Smith, who has been one of the bigger names on the trade block this year. Tim MacMahon thinks he's not a good fit in Dallas (I agree) but with any substantial trade rumor, it's worth talking about, even if it doesn't directly impact the Mavs.

Andy: Apparently, the Nets are going hard after Josh Smith, and if not him, Ben Gordon. I can't decide how I feel. On the one hand, it seems like Prokhorov does not understand how to win basketball games. On the other hand, if someone takes Kris Humphries in exchange for an expiring deal, that might almost move them back towards sane basketball, even though they'd still be well over cap.

Josh: If they get Josh Smith, they'd be rather frightening.

Alan: I heard the Gordon rumors, but not much about a Smith deal. What exactly are they going to give up, beside Humphries, for him? Because if it's just Smith for Humphries, that makes no sense for Atlanta, financially or otherwise.

Gordon, meanwhile, has a player option for next year, and is owed the same amount(nearly, actually slightly more) as Humphries over the same amount of time. Humphries is, at this point in their careers, probably the better player, too, so...basically, I don't think that's a step forward for Brooklyn at all. It's lateral at best.

Josh: Stein reported the Smith rumor and that Brooklyn is going harder for him than Gordon.

Alan: Never say never, but I don't see it. Does Atlanta take Kris Humphries, Marshon Brooks and a late first rounder for Smith? My guess would be that it takes Brook Lopez to get Smith.

I think Atlanta stays pat. They probably feel like they're at least in the conversation for Dwight, since it's his hometown team and he and Smith supposedly have a good relationship. They'll have lots of money, which they can use to keep Smith around or go in a different direction. Doubt they'll want to take on an extra $12 million for a non-All Star after they finally got from under the rock that was Joe Johnson's deal.

Josh: Especially since it was Ferry that shipped Johnson almost as soon as he took the job.

The only way I see it happens is if Smith is causing more problems behind the scenes then we know of.

Alan: Even if he is, I'd bet some team could beat the Nets offer(assuming Lopez isn't included). Lots of teams out there with attractive pieces on rookie deals, like Utah, or the Clippers...or hell, maybe even the Thunder(who also have a likely lottery pick from Toronto).

Jonathan: I'm with Ian, Nets might be able to get Gordon but probably not Smith.

If I was Portland, I'd see if Atlanta would take Meyers Leonard and some picks. Aldridge/Smith/Batum would be a sick front-line.

Kirk: Woah. Position-less basketball in Portland. That would be awesome. Just my opinion, but I don't see him fitting in Dallas. Or anywhere really. Calling him 6'9" is kind; he's 6'7" and has the skill set of a center. Carlisle could find a role for him, just not for the money someone is going to pay him.

Josh: I just don't see why Atlanta trades him at all to anyone.

Jonathan: Sounds like they don't want to pay him.

So from all appearances, Josh Smith won't be a Maverick. What do you think? Did you want him in a Dallas uniform? How would he fit? How would the trade work? What sort of off season deal would you want to offer him? Tell us in the comments!