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Dallas and Cents: 2/13/2013

Grantland's Zach Lowe speaks with Dirk in a must read, and other noteworthy links around the internet.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

First, if you've not checked out the site in a few days go check out the main page again. We have some great op-eds with more to come over the All Star break. That said, there's also been a few really excellent Dallas-based pieces around the web recently.

-Grantland's Zach Lowe does a fantastic Q&A with Dirk. If you don't read Lowe every day, you should. He is leaps and bounds ahead of just about every NBA writer right now. If you read one link today, this should be it.

-A few days ago SI's Rob Mahoney did an interview with Bernard James. The first page is all rather boilerplate, since it's a national audience, but the second page is really interesting. It's an inside look at Dallas defensive schemes and how James has had to change his understanding of team defensive principles.

-ESPN's Tim MacMahon wrote the article I wanted to write about O.J. Mayo's late game turnover problems. Yes, it's a small sample size. Yes it's not all his fault the team gets in these situations. But the fact remains he's turned it over a lot when the game is on the line.

-Yahoo's Ball Don't Lie comments on Chris Kaman's concussion protocol evolution. Kaman initially wasn't very happy with how everything surrounding his concussion has gone down, but he's come around in recent days.

Also, if you missed this... just watch