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Jennings #2 on "Stars Likely to be Moved" List

Chad Ford of ESPN has a post available only to ESPN insiders this afternoon where he details the top 10 impact players most likely to be moved before the deadline. Brandon Jennings is number two on that list. Ford says:

Jennings has, according to one source, "irreconcilable differences" with Milwaukee. He's frustrated, according to sources, that the two sides weren't able to work out a long-term extension this summer. In addition, he feels as though he doesn't get the attention he deserves and wants a bigger market to take his talents to.

Jennings isn't bluffing. He recently changed agents in an attempt to get some traction on his relocation. Jennings' marching orders for his new representation? Get him out of Milwaukee, either by the trade deadline or via a toxic offer sheet from another team this summer.

Ford goes on to mention that the Bucks do have restricted free agent rights, but if another team offers him more money than they can afford, they may have to let him walk. That he's number two on this list was surprising. I had no idea things were that bad for Jennings in Bucks-land. Of course, I'm of a similar mind to Josh... I don't think he works for Dallas mainly because he's not very good at basketball. He's essentially the same player he's been since entering the league.

But I could be wrong. Maybe he just needs a change of scenery.