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What's Your Favorite Dirk Moment?

It's All Star Break. Let's remember happier times.

Mike Ehrmann

I'm not sure if anyone missed this amazing Q&A between Dirk Nowitzki and Grantland's Zach Lowe yesterday, but if you did, drop whatever you're doing and read it. Heck, if you read it once, read it again.

Anyway, it got me thinking about a number of things. First, that when Dirk retires he needs to be involved with the NBA in an analytical capacity. He understands the game and has some really brilliant insights. He's a bit monotone at times when he speaks but if you listen to what he says, he obviously knows and cares about the game.

Second, and more importantly for this column, I think we should have a contest. In the comments below please post your favorite Dirk moment. Not necessarily a story, though those are welcomed too, but I thinking of videos. Dirk's rise to brilliance has come in the internet age and there are all sorts of ridiculous and amazing videos out there, like this one here...

or this one, which still gives me chills

So post your favorite video or story below and next week we'll share some of the best as decided by the MavsMoneyball staff. Please note we'll be participating as well, since Andy Tobo has a knack at finding awesome things the rest of us have forgotten about.

So let's see those videos people!

UPDATE: We have some GREAT game winners already. Please consider funny/stupid things too!