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The Very Best of Dirk Nowitzki

The MavsMoneyball Community comes through in a huge way with these videos

Ronald Martinez

Friday I put out a call asking you, our wonderful readers, for your favorite Dirk Nowitzki videos and stories. You all came through in a ridiculous fashion. If I had more time, I'd go through and say who sent what, but given the time constraint of my lunch break, I'm simply going to post these fantastic videos. Thank you all so very, very much. Due to the constraints of youtube, many Dirk moments from the early years aren't online, so this is subject to recency bias. If you can think of any other ones you love, please correct me in the comments!

Dirk destroys all comers in the 2011 NBA Playoffs. 14 minutes of Dirk wreaking havoc set to amazing music. This is my favorite and it's not even close. This includes some of the other shots people posted last week. Between this and the 2011 NBA Mini-Movies on the NBA Youtube channel, we can always go back and remember the best time ever to be a Maverick fan.

2006 Western Conference Semifinals Game 7, Fourth Quarter and OT. This game is seared in my memory. Forever. Love you Dirk. Start at 9:36 for the And-1 layup that tied the game.

After these two, it really becomes a bit of a toss up. Dirk scoring 48 points on 15 shots against the Thunder in 2011 was one of the most ridiculous performances I've ever seen.

Of course, there was also the time in 2009 when Dirk lit the Jazz on fire, scoring 29 points in the fourth quarter alone.

Not just about big shots and back breaking, Dirk's also a man of the people. The time he walked up on stage at the Avett Brothers concert for example (starts at 1:59).

This shot over Hedo last March is just so amazing. Try a fall away bank shot from the right side next time you're in the gym. Tell me if you even hit anything, let alone make the shot. Then imagine a very ugly man in front of you.

Dirk really seems to enjoy killing the Jazz. Just watch this sequence.

Way back in 2001 Dirk lost a tooth mid game against the Spurs in the playoffs (3:20 mark). And he went back in. He put up 30-9. Dirk's been a tough guy from the start.

No Dirk compilation is complete without the video of him lighting Tim Thomas up in the 2006 Western Conference Finals

With that it's time to take us out. Thanks for reading and watching, everyone!