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Carlisle fined $25,000 for comments following Golden State loss


Rick Carlisle gets to make an unplanned donation to charity for his comments after the loss to the Golden State Warriors on Thursday. With just seconds left, Brandan Wright went up with the ball and made contact with Andrew Bogut, with no foul being called.

"We put ourselves in position," Carlisle said after the game. "I don't know what you want to call it at the end. Unlucky? Whatever you want to call it. Screwed? It happened."

It marked the second straight game where the Mavericks ended it controversially. In a game against Portland on Tuesday, O.J. Mayo was called for a charge when clearly the defender did not get into position until Mayo had left his feet. LaMarcus Aldridge would hit a game-winning buzzer beater on the next and final possession.

The NBA would admit the missed block/charge call the following day in a statement.

Surprisingly, Mark Cuban did NOT get fined despite sending a somewhat negative tweet.