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Post All-Star Poll

Where do we go from here?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning everyone! I'm going to try to have a preview up a little later this afternoon, but I wanted the party to go throughout the day. We've had a week to stew on Dallas, to crunch the numbers, consider the scenarios and try to determine what the team can do from here.

With 30 games left, I think the team has to win 22-23 of the remaining games (and get some breaks with other teams losing) to make the playoffs. The Mavericks play 16 home games and 14 road games, including two trips that are actually fairly lengthy. The Mavs are 8-19 on the road at this point so hoping for a drastic turnaround and winning say seven of their 14 seems a bit to much to ask for. But we'll see.

What does Dallas need to do to make the playoffs?

***This is absent any trades tomorrow. We've heard nothing. It's getting to be boring again, but we have about 30 hours till the trade deadline.