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Waiting on the Dominoes to Fall

As of my typing this sentence, it's 10:30 am eastern. The problem we're seeing at the moment, with regard to trades, is that everyone seems to be waiting on someone else.

The main cog holding everything up is Josh Smith, the "big fish" at the moment. Once we see him moved, and I expect we will by around 1:30pm eastern, everything else will happen in a hurry. It will get a little silly, I suspect. As of right now, the Bucks seem confident that things are going to go their way

But wait, it gets better. Not only do the Bucks seem to think they are going to land Redick and Josh Smith, but

If you can move past the fact that that is the third time in as many days that Broussard has misspelled Monta's name (#Monte) it seems the Bucks feel really excited about putting together a team that's going to lose to Miami or Indiana.

For now though... we wait. Updates to come!