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Roddy, Wright and Dominique Jones are available. Get excited?

I somehow missed this last night (well I know how I missed it, I was writing a recap for another site then went to bed but whatever), but apparently Rodrigue Beabois, Brandan Wright, and Dominique Jones available for trade.

They want picks back. Stop laughing. Stop! Okay, keep laughing. "Please give us valuable assets for this stuff we found in the garage."

Alright, alright, that's not fair to any of them. I like Roddy, I like Wright when he boxes out on the defensive end, and I appreciate the professionalism of Dom Jones, even if he's not good at basketball. I don't really understand what the Mavericks hope to get done with these guys? Wright is the most valuable of the three but his contract is so small it really doesn't make sense to me to trade him right now. If anything, they should try to do a sign and trade with him over the summer and he's bound to attract some attention. Heck, Ian Mahinmi got a great deal this way and Dallas got back Darren Collison and Dahntay Jones.

Can you think of any trades that would actually work with these guys?