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Eric Maynor to the Blazers?

With a little under 10 minutes until the official close of trades (everything has to be in by 3 pm eastern unless a team gets approval from the league office due to negotiations) it seems we finally have a really interesting trade.

Maynor has fallen out of the rotation in Oklahoma City after tearing his ACL last year and struggling upon his return. Had Reggie Jackson not emerged I imagine that no discussion would be happening. But the Thunder are rich in talent and Mayor is the kind of player who should be getting minutes. He's not a starter, but he's certainly among the best back ups in the league. Certainly better than this guy...

I'll update when I find out more about the trade, if it goes through.

Update 2:55pm: Well that was fast.

Update: 2:57 It seems OKC is getting a draft pick and a trade exception. Seems light for a player of his value.