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Dallas makes a trade! Dahntay Jones for Anthony Morrow!

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? See this is why having a closed front office is awesome and maddening. No idea this was happening. Dallas gets Anthony Morrow from Atlanta.

Dahntay Jones was a solid player for the Mavericks. He did was he was asked and always played his hardest. Now I have no idea where Morrow fits, but I do know he's good shooter. Vince Carter, O.J. Mayo and Dirk Nowitzki are the only Mavs with deep range, so this could be a welcome addition if he gets minutes.

Why didn't Atlanta want him anymore? Simple.

I'm sure the good people here at MMB will have some in depth analysis later today or this week. This made me chuckle.

Dallas did something. Wow. Awesome.

UPDATE 3:23 pm. Looks like he is excited! That's always fun