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Friday Poll: Is Anthony Morrow even gonna play?

The trade deadline is over, and there was a small deal made that flipped Dahntay Jones with Anthony Morrow. What exactly will he bring to the team?


Last time's poll: 31% of MMB nation decided that the Mavericks would have 7-9 more wins had Dirk not been injured, but there was no general consensus.

See you later, trade deadline 2012. The Mavericks did not trade for Dwight Howard yesterday. They didn't trade for Josh Smith or Brandon Jennings or even Michael Jordan (he was in the news a lot lately, wasn't it for the deadline?).

But it's not time to scream and panic, unless you're about to make a Harlem Shake video, because the Mavericks acquired Anthony Morrow. The season is saved!

In all seriously, though, this was a smart move by the Mavericks. I was a big fan of what Dahntay Jones was able to do in limited minutes, but the reason he barely played is that he just didn't fit. It wasn't his fault, but the Mavericks needed a shooter. In Morrow, they got one.

There's always a downside, and for Morrow, it's that the only thing he does is shoot. If under the age of 30, minutes must be earned when playing for coach Carlisle.

So how much will Morrow play? You tell me.