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Dallas and Cents: 2/23/13

News and notes from around the web on Saturday, February 23rd, 2013, for your Dallas Mavericks.


Good Saturday, all. Especially good if you like wins, as the Mavericks pulled out a close one in New Orleans last night, winning 104-100. Let's get you caught up with the buzz around the web:

  • Photos from the Dallas Morning News as the Mavs win their third straight and five out of six. If you get to the end you'll seem some tender loving embracing going on for the the two "heroes", old men Mike James and Vince Carter, who hit big threes late to steal the victory.
  • More from Sefko on Vinsanity, who Sefko calls the "pain-free Mav" in what has been a pretty pain-full season.
  • Carter himself says he took the shot because he got the go-ahead nod from Dirk. Hey, good enough for me.
  • By the way, I don't have a link here, but did you know last night was the first game all-season Dirk finished with the game-high in points? Putting that in perspective, in '10-'11, Dirk had the game-high in points 30 times.
  • Though it was Mike James and Vince Carter finishing, Rick Carlisle has started the same five guys for seven straight games, something of a minor miracle if you were around at the start of this season.
  • Dallas could get two more Mavs in uniform for their next game: Chris Kaman is apparently doing contact work, and newest Mav Anthony Morrow is scheduled to practice today and be on the bench tomorrow against the Lakers.
  • Speaking of the Lakers, Mark Cuban may have their ire after some silly remarks about them possibly amnestying Kobe. I am being very sarcastic when I say I'm totally interested in that story.
  • Charles Barkley turned 50 recently, and Dirk had a funny little blurb about him being "boring" as a basketball player, as he contrasted the difference between basketball in the 90's and basketball now, with the up-tempo, Euro-style.
  • With all the vintage Vince Carter performances, and movement up the all-time scoring list, the annoyingly-formatted but insightful Yardbarker site makes a case for Carter in the Hall of Fame. I do think there is a good point there about Chris Mullin. I don't think Mullin had a better career than Carter, personally, and without ruffling feathers I was a bit surprised to hear it when Mullin went in.
  • So, Dallas made a small move at the deadline, but Mark Cuban said on the Ben and Skin show that they nearly made a move for a "high-dollar, difference-maker guy." Who knows if this is exaggeration or total BS. I guess it doesn't really matter anyway, since it didn't happen. The obvious guess is Josh Smith, who was by far the most talked-about big name at the deadline, and a member of the Hawks, who Dallas did end up making a deal with.
  • If you were curious, by the way, about trade deadline grades, ESPN Insider Kevin Pelton gave Dallas a B. Yay.
  • So, with the deadline come and gone, Dallas hosts the Lakers tomorrow afternoon on ABC. For a game against two non-playoff teams, this one might actually really mean something, as both teams are fighting to stay alive with the proverbial clock running down, and thanks to Mr. Cuban, there might be something a little more personal involved. Stay tuned!
And that's it.