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NBA Investigating Cuban Comments and Dirk Plans to Play Past Current Contract

The Dallas Mavs are in the news this morning

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The LA Times is reporting that Mark Cuban's comments in a radio interview are being investigated, whatever in the hell that means...

The NBA is debating whether to fine Cuban for saying Friday that the Lakers should consider waiving Bryant next season via the one-time amnesty provision. The Lakers would still have to pay Bryant his $30.5-million salary next season but would save the corresponding amount, if not slightly more, in luxury taxes.

How someone gets investigated for using Kobe Bryant as an example of how the current NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement works is stupid. There's no other way to look at this. Cuban was giving a radio interview and anyone who was listening knows that first, what he said was not any sort of insult to the Lakers or Kobe at all, which was why their PR department issuing a statement that Cuban's comments were "inappropriate" were ridiculous.

The Lakers are a fascinating and important franchise, but not everything is about them. Cuban talking about Kobe and Dirk Nowitzki's contracts is both topical and relevant. Franchises have serious choices to make and contracts past the $20 million mark hamper ANY franchise's ability to make moves. Everyone needs to have a seat on this matter and stop making a story out of nothing in order to get page views.

Which is exactly what I just did. Oops. I have more news though!

Yesterday after the loss, Dirk made a few comments that sent up alarm flags everywhere (both good and bad).

"I had some doubts here when I came back. It took so long. Is it ever going to come back? It was a tough stretch for me coming back from the surgery. But the way I feel now, I still think I can play a couple of years."

Dirk's made comments in the last 2 years that he'd be willing to walk away if his body wasn't up to the task but nothing as direct as this. I'm glad he's feeling better because he certainly looked great against LA. Not Terminator Dirk or anything, but really awesome.

Now if the Mavs front office could surround him with pieces that aren't Mike James things might be fun in Mavs-land.