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An Ode to Dahntay Jones

Dahntay Jones was traded for Anthony Morrow last week, but it was no fault of his own. Without a doubt, he was a locker room favorite and one of the hardest workers on the team.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

You've probably been wondering about that weird, sinking feeling in your stomach since last week. At first, I thought it was just the close loss to the Lakers, but it's more than that. I miss -- we all miss -- Dahntay Jones.

It's nice to have Anthony Morrow on the team, because he's definitely the better fit, and it's nice to have someone whose shooting can get Dirk's mouth to drop. But DaJones will be missed, so let's run down his top five moments with the Mavericks.

5. His locker room fashion

I have a confession: one of my favorite parts of having access to the locker room is checking out what each player wears post-game. O.J. Mayo is always the guy pushing the envelope the most, but Dahntay was never too far behind either.

4. Representing the Mavericks at All-Star weekend

In case the video doesn't work.

For the first time in 11 years, the Mavericks did not have an All-Star representative. Dahntay Jones did his best to make sure the Mavericks weren't completely ignored, tossing up a solid lob pass to help Jeremy Evans on one of his dunks.

3. Having an adorable kid

Dahntay's kid is adorable. There's a pool table in the Mavericks weight room, right across from the StairMaster Cuban conducts his pre-game interviews. LJ, Andy and I were all at the game and were quite entertained by his antics playing pool -- he was pretty dang good, too.

2. Not shaving despite the trade

That's really cool. In all seriousness, he really seemed to click with the locker room and it's a shame that his skill set wasn't what the Mavericks needed. He always seemed to good things when he was on the floor.

1. Jones dunks over Patterson

In case the video isn't working.

That's the definition of going over the top of someone. In a game dominated by O.J. Mayo, Dahntay was able to steal the show for just a little bit.

Best of luck, Jones. I'll let Mark Cuban close this out.