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GAME THREAD: Dallas Mavericks at Atlanta Hawks

The Mavs lost another close one to a title contender last night. And yet, there's still more basketball to be played.

That guy is good. He should shoot more.
That guy is good. He should shoot more.
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The never-ending season...

WHO: The Atlanta Hawks host the Dallas Mavericks

WHAT: Can this season be over already?

WHERE: Phillips Arena, Atlanta, GA

WHEN: 6:30pm CT


THE STORY: It sure does seem like the Mavericks are running out of ways to spin this season. The likelihood of making the playoffs is... well it's not good. Atlanta is a solid playoff team this season, and they've got Al Horford and Josh Smith, who seem to love playing Dallas. The Mavericks will probably still be without Shawn Marion, and if the guards keep refusing to pass to Dirk in the fourth quarter, we can probably call how this game will end right now. Then again, the Mavs have hung around with some really good teams and even beaten a few these past two weeks, so who can really say for sure? Say hi to the folks at Peachtree Hoops.